Postsecondary/Career Readiness


Moving Forward

On average 10-20% of partner district students who take the ACT do not matriculate. Harvard reports that 10-40% of low-income students never make it to college the fall following graduation. This is coined Summer Melt. EOEP works with admissions at Kent State University at Trumbull, Eastern Gateway Community College and Youngstown State to understand why students aren’t matriculating. As students enter area colleges, we will connect them with Admissions in an effort to support first year completion; because getting them to college is not enough.

Recognizing that students don’t matriculate for a variety of social, fiscal and academic reasons, results may vary each year. This process has worked throughout the country.  Dallas Commit! and Boston’s uAspire are two great examples.  uAspire realized an increase in on-time college enrollment by 7% their first year.



Seniors at Austintown, Campbell, Warren and Youngstown are active participants in our Summer Melt program.  

In one local district, the 2016 four-year high school graduation rate was 86%. The district has in place solid leadership - teachers, administrators -  and they are making tremendous strides to improve outcomes, yet there continues to be an underrepresentation of students pursuing their postsecondary degree.  The districts matriculation rate has remained flat for students who attend college the fall immediately following graduation (National Student Clearinghouse - 2016 – 46.4%; 2015 - 45.5%; 2014 – 42.8%).  The number slightly increases for students who attend anytime the first year following graduation (2016 – 49.1%; 2015 – 47.3%; 2014 – 46.8%). 

EOEP began working with students to support them their senior year in high school, the summer after graduation, and their freshman year in college. Through the use of Signal Vine software, EOEP sends up to two texts, students preferred method of communication, per week to students.  The texts remind students of steps that need to be taken for them to matriculate (FAFSA completion, application due dates).  Students can text EOEP with questions or concerns, and with the support of our high school and university partners (Kent Trumbull, YSU & EGCC), we provide timely and accurate responses. From basic answers to helping one student get transportation to a local adult career center.

Our success in postsecondary matriculation will be measured by an increase in the number of students who matriculate. In our target districts, EOEP will work to increase the matriculation rate from 44.7% to 50% by 2020. 

Network Action Team

Team members review data to determine how best to support our local schools. Teams are made up of business, nonprofit and community leaders. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team contact us or click on the link below.