Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Extensive data research indicates that our fragmented education system is not adequately supporting all students. We want to help them reach their full potential. Student outcomes in early childhood, third grade reading, eighth grade mathematics and postsecondary readiness are not where they need to be if we want to see true economic development in our region, which is why we’ve selected these four critical areas as our primary focus.

Eastern Ohio Education Partnership is actively engaging community members around four outcomes. Each outcome has a network team made up of community leaders and practitioners. The network teams are designed to look at data to help define potential obstacles that may deter student success.

Children enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

EOEP will work with early childhood educators and community partners to assure students are ready for school as required by Ohio Department of Education assessments.

Students demonstrate grade-level reading proficiency by grade 3.

EOEP will work with local school districts and community partners to assure students are reading at or above grade level by grade 3.

Students demonstrate grade-level proficiency in mathematics by grade 8.

EOEP will set in place actionable items to assure students are proficient in mathematics before entering high school.

Students have access to, enroll in, and are prepared for postsecondary education or training.

EOEP will continue to work with districts, career centers, universities and colleges to discuss alignment for students as they transition from high school to some type of post-secondary education. EOEP will set in place a community of leaders engaged in the process of assuring students have access to and that they enroll in, postsecondary education or training.