Kindergarten Readiness

Early childhood education matters! It can also be a predictor of future success. Economic studies have shown a rate of return of $7 or
more on each dollar invested in early childhood through a reduced need for spending on other services, such as remedial education,
grade repetition and special education.


Predictive Analytics

Summit Education Initiative (SEI), a StriveTogether partner, is a state leader in using predictive analytics. According to Dr. Matthew Deevers, "We have been able to look at the data for several graduating classes and essentially separate them into two groups: a group that graduated with a diploma and an ACT score of 21+ and another group that graduated with a diploma and a score less than 21. SEI then grouped like students to study the behaviors and benchmarks throughout their K-12 education that made them successful. The study showed that students who were above targeted (middle level) in kindergarten scored a 21 or higher on their ACT".



EOEP will measure success around early childhood by using the 2015 Language and Literacy portion of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment as a baseline. Year-over-year success will be measured by using the Ohio Diagnostic to show a decrease in the number of first through third graders who need to go on a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan.  The goal is to increase Language and Literacy scores and increase the number of students who pass the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.   Currently 39.4% of our kindergarten students are not reading at grade level and 33.4% of our third grade students could have used support early on.

Network Action Team

Team members review data to determine how best to support our local schools. Teams are made up of business, nonprofit and community leaders. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team contact us or click on the link below.